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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 28, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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maternity leave last day today to welcome a new baby in the world. todd: doing an amazing job. we wish you the very best health and happiness to you and the new baby. jillian: and the baby. love you. have a good day. todd: "fox & friends" stars right now. >> manhunt underway for illegal immigrant suspected of shooting and killing a california police officer. >> it was really just a human being, an american patriot. he came to this country with one purpose and that was to serve this country. the suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. he's a criminal. we will find him, we will arrest him. >> the president says any funding bill that ends this partial shutdown must include money for a border wall. >> i would say the needle has moved towards a very long shutdown. >> this is not about border security. they do not want donald trump to get a victory. >> we know that we have to to build this wall. >> the syndrome seems to be
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spreading overseas. >> it's okay to go after the president in terms of policy and things he says. once you start attacking the people who voted for him or military people, then have you got a problem. >> the explosion at a power plant lights up the sky in new york city. todd: we begin with a fox news alert. a massive manhunt intensifying for illegal immigrant accused of killing a california police officer. rachel: police believe the suspect is armed and dangerous. pete: our own todd piro joins us with the latest on the search to find him. >> good morning, calls for justice growing louder this morning as the manhunt continues for a suspected cop killer in northern california. authorities revealing the unidentified suspect is in the u.s. illegally. he was spotted on surveillance video moments before allegedly shooting nuland police corporal during a traffic stop. police believe the unnamed suspect drove away after
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shooting officer singh. hours earlier singh celebrating christmas with his wife and 5 month old son. the 33-year-old was originally from fiji and spent seven years as a cop. singh's department says they will do whatever it takes to find that suspect. >> he doesn't belong here. he's a criminal. we will find him. we will arrest him. and we will bring him to justice. todd: president trump also calling for tougher border security in the wake of the tragedy tweeting, quote: time to get tough on border security. build the wall. will the county has set up a donation page for singh's family. find the link to that page on our website. just a horrible story, guys. pete: todd, thank you very much. a tough story this morning. tough thing to wake up to 33 years old. on the force seven years, a wife and-month-old baby son. working over christmas because his squad was on that shift. routine traffic stop on a
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suspected dui turns into a gun fight. rachel: he was working overtime to make money for his family. there's that picture. that picture you just want -- that breaks your heart. that's the last time his family saw him. wow. griff: that photo, rachel, was taken literally hours before he worked a shift on christmas day. corporal saying the best of what america has to offer. he is why the statue of liberty stands here in new york city. his life taken senselessly and that is why it is having such a tremendous impact on his commanders. we had chief randy richardson now, corporal singh worked for the newman police department. it's a small, small department. only about a dozen officers here. here is corporal singh's chief trying to process what has happened. >> an american patriot. ron was not born in america. he came to this country with
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one purpose and that was to serve this country. his 5-month-old he will never hear talk. he will never see his son walk because a coward took his life. i did not know christmas morning at 4:00 in the morning i said goodbye to him and sent him off to his family that it would be the last time that i saw him. this is not supposed to happen here. i have been to too many of these funerals. and i never thought ever that i would have to be doing. this. pete: barely words to describe. the chief went ton say we are not a department. we are a family. rachel: when he said that, it was powerful and you really realize they are a family. this isn't a government agency only. these people are connected in a way. i believe it's the first ever death on the job in
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that county. griff: it is a stark reminder when the thin blue line goes out every day. we will get into this later. more officers were shot and killed this year than last year. but, it also is a stark reminder why we have president trump standing so firm when it comes to border security and a message for all of the lawmakers that need to hear the county sheriff adam christianson talking in an interview last night with our own lisa booth about the illegal immigration point of this. listen. >> i also want everybody to know that immigration is good for america if done legally. illegal immigration doesn't serve our communities, especially scrals who victimize and exploit our community. whether you hate the president or love the president, border security goes hand in hand with national security, the
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safety of our communities and public safety. we need to know who is in our communities that shouldn't be. we should be focusing on criminal activity without political interference. griff: and we also need to know, i would say, and sheriff christianson, if you are up and watching, please give us a call. we want to talk to you. i want to know is whether or not this individual whose name has not been released whether or not he had any prior incidences. if there was a detainer, an ice detainer to remove him and was protected under california's sanctuary state, this is a significant problem for california lawmakers as well. pete: absolutely. the people we should be listening to right now. just at the toughest time in wars guys with the ear to the ground, boots on the ground doing the work. not the media types certainly not the politician. it's the ones out there. i loved what he said whether you hate or love the president, border security is national security. this guy was here illegally. he should not have been in
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this country. just like kate steinle's killer wasn't supposed to be here. the best of our country pulls him over at 1:00 in the morning because he thinks he might be driving drunk. this guy decides instead of complying to turn a gun on the peace officer of our country it should outrage everybody. we can't tolerate this anymore. especially talk about gathering threats coming to the border unacceptable. rachel: officer singh came here legally. that was such an interesting point that he made in that interview with lisa booth. this is not an anti immigrant reaction to this killing. this is about, first of all, the pain that this family is going through. but, also, the idea of legal versus illegal immigration. griff: look at that photo. that is a young boy who will be reminded every christmas that someone who should not have been in this country killed his father. it comes amidst of fact that we already covered god knows
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how long down in that caravan a long time this element is in that tide coming this way. pete: adam christianson play more of that sound coming up later in this program. california being a sanctuary state. all these municipalities and cities are dealing with this environment where, you know, there is a protected status for certain folks and their job is made even more difficult. so, keep that in mind as this story progresses as we get more information about it the manhunt continues we will bring it to you. griff, you were on the border. you were south of the border for quite some time following that migrant caravan and there is news of another one. griff: we started right on that mexico southern border all the way to tijuana and now there is news, according to the san diego tribune about another migrant caravan with estimates as many as 15,000 preparing to leave honduras on january 15th, according to migrant rights advocates, this is something to watch and, you know what? i'm going to pack my travel
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bag and go back down. we knew way back when that how this original caravan was handled would determine whether or not more are coming. it's called a pull factor. the border patrol is turning blue in the face why this matters. they have determined, based on stagnant government shutdown that we have got that it was time to come again so here they come. rachel: it's bigger and stronger as it moves up. it's going to get big irin el salvador and more people in guatemala. coming up north. people organizing this caravan we are going to stop several cities because the mexican government has received almost $5 billion from the united states to create infrastructure projects for these caravan members to be employed and hopefully mitigate or stop them from coming up further north. by the way, another almost 6 billion was given to the
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you will countries as well. griff: that's a good point. the new point of mexico lopez obrador to talk to honduras' president listen i fought to working with president trump's administration to get what lopez obrador he wanted a plan to better the lines of honduras, guatemala, and el salvador. the point, the message here is that president trump cannot do it on his own. rachel: we will see if the money actually works. pete: exactly. call it skeptic call whether we will remake the marshall plan and everyone will stop coming to the united states. nice try. rachel: domestic anger within the mexican people wait a minute, those are jobs for us, now you are giving them to the central americans. very complicated and complex. pete: this is not complex headline from politico that caught our eye. democrats new year's eve
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resolution stiff trump on the wall. i don't know whether we have the headline on the screen or not. stiff trump on the wall and reopen the government. as we have this discussion about illegal immigrants killing one of the best in our country law enforcement. we hear about migrant caravan coming up. dems are counting on one thing. they are counting on president trump to cave. that's their strategy. and i think the strategy of those who support him and look at these caravans and everything, now is exactly the moment not to cave. rachel: i think the base in the republican party understands that it's now or never. pete: correct. rachel: if it doesn't happen now it will never happen again. griff: that's not the only headline we have. jillian, good morning. jillian: stuarting with a story out of boston. the boston marathon bomber is appealing his conviction and death sentence. lawyers arguing it was impossible for him to get a fair trial in boston where the bombings happened due to a biased jury pool. tar nez and his brother killed three people and
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wounded 20 others. the appeals process could stretch on for years. turning to extreme weather now. two people are dead after a massive storm system slams the midwest. some areas getting a feet of snow. in new mexico a snow storm bringing traffic to a halt causing several accidents and torrential rain causing flooding in the south. the wet weather moving east threatening more flash floods. explosion at power plant lights up the sky in new york city. equipment malfunction caused a transformer to blow up. no one was hurt. the eerie blue glow believe it or not sparked fears of an alien invasion. >> it was freaky. it was like independence day in the movie where you look up and weird blue color that you haven't seen lighting up the clouds in the sky. jillian: flights were briefly grounded at laguardia airport due to the power outages. hard to imagine alien invasion but the sky is lit up. pete: kind of looked at it.
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griff: i have to fly laguardia. have the aliens left? jillian: the aliens have departed. we're good. pete: this transgender inmate is serving a decade behind bars for burglary and now will serve the rest of that sentence in an all female prison. why she got transferred coming up. griff: plus, we just heard nancy pelosi looking to, quote: stiff trump on the border wall as the government shutdown enters day seven live right here. louie gohmert will he alive the american people to get stiff? i will ask him right now. congressman? >> how are you ♪ i was born free ♪ born free ♪ gentle. it's gentle on her skin and out cleans the other free and clear detergent. dermatologist recommended. it's got to be tide. the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts
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if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio®. entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. when can we expect reach a deal. joining us g.o.p. texas congressman louie gohmert. congressman, belated merry christmas to you. what do you make of the situation? we are in day seven. are we getting any closer to reopening the government and will there be a deal reached. >> we are closer because
3:17 am
it's ultimately going to have to happen. in this situation this is a rare one because we already appropriated 75% of the government's funding when people talk about the shutdown it's really only a part of 25%. only a part because the essential workers only ones that come. some of us say let's make notes of which ones are essential and which ones aren't and then let the nonessential go as you and rachel were talking about earlier when it comes to a wall president obama has just built a 10-foot new wall around his home in washington. i'm hoping that the democrats will all scream in unison mr. obama tear down your wall. it either works or it doesn't. you and i know it works. griff: congressman, let's talk about someone else who has walls speaker nancy pelosi she wants to quote unquote stiff trump. called the wall immoral.
3:18 am
is she the fundamental problem and does now soon to be speaker pelosi the family of that officer killed a phone call right now? >> not only the family of that officer and some children lost their lives. it's not just one. and, griff, what came to my mind, of course, i have a legal background. but in virtually every state if you have, for example, a swimming pool and you don't build a fence around it, and a child comes in and drowns, you're going to be libel to that family for the damage. and it's called an attractive nuisance. you know people are coming into their detriment and the detriment of others and you refuse to do anything about it like build a fence or wall around an attractive nuisance, then you have some liability to those who are harmed i don't know that there is going to be an apology but they sure do owe one. now, to them this is all about politics. guy, if wgee, if we
3:19 am
can just keep a wall from being built trump will lose the next election. it's not clear that he will. griff: what can you do, being the house republicans soon to be in the minority what do you to stand to speaker pelosi if she decides to take over this debate and turn it to her favor. >> actually more of what we did. it sounded like mcconnell and ryan and mccarthy were about to convince the president go on your own. you have no support. that's when the freedom caucus took the house floor and gave speech after speech about how important it was we keep our promise to protect america with a wall and the president saw. he has got plenty of friends. i was hosting sean hannity's show-radio show yesterday for him. people are calling in saying stand up, don't give up. give us the wall. we need it. not all 2,000 miles but it's protecting america. griff: so, congressman, how long should the president
3:20 am
keep the government closed? >> again, it's only a part of 25%. and because we keep seeing people losing their lives without one you do it to hell freezes over. griff: january, february? >> until hell freezes over. we owe it to our country. best thing we could do compassionately for mexico and central america is not give them money that ends up in drug cartels. to secure the border so the drugs quit coming and we don't lose 70,000 more lives a year and mexico because the top 10 economy because we corruption compassion. griff: we have got to go. still work. >> still working. griff: illegal immigrant who killed kate steinlely was convicted of illegally possessing a gun. now a shocking number of illegals want to buy guns. tomi lahren says where are the democrats calling for gun control?
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3:25 am
of abuse in an all-male facility. federal court ruling in fair of dion strawberry hampton that's his nickname and she is serving a 10 year sentence for burglary in illinois. pete: thank you, rachel a stunning report from the fbi stunning number of illegal immigrants tried to buy gun notice united states this year. griff: nearly 8 million gun purchases from illegal or unlawful aliens were rejected by the national criminal background check system and that's just as of november 30th of this year. rachel: joining us now with her reaction is fox nation host tomi lahren. welcome, merry christmas, happy new year. >> thank you, guys. rachel: really quick then, let's get right to the topic. where are the democrats on this issue, especially this is a gun control issue. >> yeah, usually they are the first ones to jump in on issues of gun control. but as i see time and time again, democrats are more concerned with limiting the rights of law abiding
3:26 am
americans than they are even offending illegal immigrants. furthermore, i'm in california. i know the heart break that our entire state and this entire country feels after watching one of our police officers shot and killed by an illegal immigrant right here in the state. manhunt still going on. that happened because of someone who had no legal right to be here. imagine if the democrats cared even half as much about securing the border as they do about gun control maybe something like that wouldn't have happened. i'm still waiting for nancy pelosi and schumer to talk about this one because i heard nothing as of yet. griff: tomi, let's talk about this gun. this is the fbi background check why people are rejected to purchase firearms but when you look at the numbers, the reason that people were denied for having a criminal offense on your record is about half of the fact that they were illegal aliens. right? have you only got less than 4 million that were criminals. but, yet, more than almost 8 million were illegal
3:27 am
aliens. why aren't the democrats talking about that? why isn't this issue bigger? >> it doesn't fit the agenda. when we talk about illegal immigration, we talk about those that have no legal right to be in this country but are in this country. this really isn't an issue of guns or buying guns. these people have no right to be here in the first place. even one of those illegal immigrants has access to the gun and they shoot a police officer. they shoot someone like kate steinle an innocent person in san francisco. that's one too many. we need to secure the border first and foremost before we even talk about gun control because truth is if they weren't in this country we wouldn't have to worry about that issue. pete: they explain it away which enables at the end of the day. second story want to get your reaction. to say the president under the cover of darkness headed over to iraq to visit the troops. as you would expect, tomi, whether he does it right or not, the media is going to come after him. here's how they react to president trump signing half of troops that support him.
3:28 am
>> we saw the president signing a campaign hat, a red hat. his make america great again hat. does this run the risk of the president, you know, facing some accusations that he is turning some of this into a campaign stop? >> the president seems to have confused in some way this troop visit with a campaign rally. pete: yeah, your reaction, tomi. >> well, the democrat and those on the left hate the fact that our armed forces love this president. and it actually is interesting it takes the president traveling to iraq to visit the troops to get them to care about the troops or talk about the military. but, at the end of the day, they can squawk all they want to. the troops love this president for a reason. and he supports them every single day of the year. not just when he goes over for christmas. unlike the previous president who just use them for a photo op. at the end of the day, they know who has their back and that's president donald trump. pete: i can tell you having been -- i have never been visited by a president overseas but to know that a president is engaged in and
3:29 am
wants clarity in your mission, i think a lot of the media thought oh, he is pulling out of syria the troops aren't going to like him. the troops want to know what their mission is and have the ability to do it right. isis was crushed. maybe our job is done there. maybe not. do you think he was surprised the way the troops love him. >> if they paid more attention to the military they would know exactly why the troops love president trump. he stands up for them day in and day out. he appreciate them. as you said, he respects their mission. he respects what they put their lives on the line to do. is he going to make sure they are doing it to put their family first my family first. they know that with this president. that's why they love him. the left will never understand that. they can't see through their blinders and they never will. griff: you have a mission deliver the best can you through fox nation. we see it right there. pete: what time does everyone see first thoughts and final thoughts. >> 9:30 a.m. your time and
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6:00 p.m. your time for my first and final thoughts. griff: thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. pete: blaze plabill de blasio. the gnomeless addicts are not listening to the mayor. >> your new year's resolution to get in shape mine is. kennedy and griff's new year boot camp. >> drop and give me 29. griff: yes, ma'am. ♪ i wanna rock ♪ like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... with centrum® micronutrients. restoring your awesome... daily. feed your cells with centrum® micronutrients today.
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♪ can't always get what you want. pete: griff and i will be
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there new year's eve. going to be in the 50's this year at times square. rachel: way better than last year. pete: all of this happening in new york city. part of new york city is the bronx and a headline caught our eye in the "new york post" called surrender. bill de blasio, the infamous mayor needles across new york city. put up disposable boxes for needles so if you are a heroin addict and you are shooting up rather than throwing it on the ground, you put your needle in the box. griff: we're not talking about one needle, we are talking about 60,000 heroin needles, drug needles were found in the ground in the six months that was the box. 60,000 that they want the drug users to not simply drop the needle where they have done their drugs but to go and put them in the we
3:35 am
just saw turns out not working so well. rachel: 60,000 needles found on the ground in six months. heroin addicts are not good recyclers. they don't care about litter and maybe bill de blasio's plan wasn't so well thought out. pete: maybe druggies don't comply with the law. griff: about 10% are. rachel: the solution isn't the boxes. they need more money spent on campaigns to bring awareness to littering. griff: maybe we need people not coming to knox to shoot up heroin in the park to begin with. pete: this is the end state of the lunancy of liberal policies which is rather than deal with your illegality and say get the hell out of my park, stop doing drugs in public. that's not allowed. that's called the america's mayor rudy giuliani approach which is we don't tolerate the small broken windows so our city improves. instead put out boxes we know you are going to do
3:36 am
drugs keep doing any them anyway. one resident said they are giving permission with that box. exactly what it is. rachel: it's a safe space. pete: do you know what isn't a safe space those parks. kids can't play. it's strewn with needles. and they are not in the box. rachel: happening in san francisco as well. big liberal cities run by liberal democrats that are having these kind of problems. griff: you have got to find a solution to the problem we have rampant drug addiction running through major cities. pete: you don't solve it by getting rid of the laws or ignoring them. you solve it by enforcing the laws and dealing with the problem at hand. rachel: you are right to talk about, pete, who suffers. it's the kids and the families who want to use the parks. pete: not a lot of needles in central park that the you were east siders wouldn't tolerate it. it's a double standard. poorer part of the city more rampant not addressed the way it should be.
3:37 am
let us know what you think about that story and mayor bill de blasio's policies. griff: that's not all the stories we have for you, jillian? jillian: we are following a number of stories, including. this new surveillance video just released allegedly shows an escaped prisoner carjacking a many would. police say she stole that car and took off after walking away from a work crew outside san quentin state prison in california. is he serving a 5 year sentence for yours ago deadly weapon during another attempted carjacking. he is the first inmate to escape the prison in 18 years. this is being called a miracle. a 12-year-old boy found alive after being buried under an avalanche. police say he was skiing when a large section the snow dropped off and dragged him 100 yards down the mountain. rescue crews used a search dog to find the boy. a helicopter pulled him to safety. chances of survivor are
3:38 am
minute. a new feminist class dissecting every james bond movie. >> i admire your luck, mr. . >> bond, james bond. >> mr. bond -- jillian: the class is called gender and james bond. analyze how gender plays a role throughout the james bond franchise. the school is offering the class this spring. the nation's oldest living veteran and oldest man has died at 112 years old. richard overton passing away in austin, texas following a bout of pneumonia. he credited his life with god, smoking cigars. >> 18 years old. it don't hurt you. if you know how to drink it. >> overton volunteered for the army during world war ii. he was honored by president obama on veterans day in 2013. a double life, guys. pete: god bless him.
3:39 am
rachel: you will live to 112, pete. griff: we have adam klotz. we have an interesting question for you what is the weather going to be of course on the weekend and into next week dam i know adam: i knew the only reason i'm here is to give you a forecast. you were midwest had a big blizzard that should be winding down next several hours and becomes a rainstorm. likely flooding in the southeast. this is going to run through the mid-atlantic and stretching up through d.c., new york, boston. that's all today. heavy downpours off and on this. system moves off the coast late tonight and into early saturday and completely clear. cooling off on the back side of this. why is there snow for us on the east coast? way too warm. 56 degrees is i high in new york city. way above the seasonal average. 51 for saturday. does cool off on saturday. we bounce back um there new year's eve.
3:40 am
47 degrees is the high on new year's eve. that night when you are out there likely only falling down to 41, 42. some off and on rain bring your umbrellas. i know that it won't be nearly as cold as it was last year. down to negative 4 last year. identifier i would like to thank al gore. rachel: new year's eve shift on times square. pete: thank you adam. griff: entire department is mourning as the manhunt for this officer's killer continues. this should be a wake-up call for the country. he joins us next. >> my department is hurting. why arwe are struggling through. this please be in mind when you see them that it's hard for them. keep you both comfort.
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and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day.
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tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide. pete: we are back with a fox news alert. a manhunt underway for a suspected killer, a california police corporal singh. a man being remembered for his drive to serve. >> an american patriot, he told me came to america to become a police officer. that's all he wanted to do. i have been to too many of these funerals, and i never thought ever that i would have to be doing this.
3:44 am
pete: here to weigh in on this latest tragedy for the mental and women in blue. lieutenant dr. darryl porcher. appreciate you being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. griff: that thin blue line how is it affected. >> guy back to my experience as an officer your heart is beating out of your chest when you pull over a vehicle. you don't know who is in that vehicle and what they did prior to the stop. this is a harbinger for border security. someone in the country illegally. when i go back to personal development for police officers and just how that effects their psyche. it's catastrophic to say the least. this is one of the things that we need to use as a piece to go forward to how we can better protect ourselves when we stop these vehicles. pete: absolutely. the manhunt is ongoing. newman police department is a small department. what are they doing right now to try to find this guy? >> perimeter is going to be
3:45 am
expanded. video of the a sail lent. they do already have an identity. established someone in the country illegally. what they will do is go to the places that he has been to in the past. where he has lived. places that he has frequented. it's just a matter of time. i'm surprised he hasn't been caught yet. but i don't give this more than three days before they bring him into custody provided he doesn't commit suicide. pete: apparently he had been in the community for a while. people knew who he was at this point the hunt continues. the president tweeted about this yesterday when news came out. this is the tweet he said there is right now a full scale manhunt going on in california for illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. time to get tough on border security. build the wall. how does the wall tie into something like this. >> it goes back to this being a harr ginger from border security. we need people. we want immigrants to come into this country, however, we want them to go through the process and legally. this is a clear example of a
3:46 am
bad person that shouldn't have been here. had this person not been in the united states this officer would have been alive today. pete: amazing contrast. officer singh is the type of immigrant we want to come here. come here, join the department, serve your country, certainly we remember him this morning. unfortunately this is support of a growing trend. i believe we have the numbers. if we don't, i will read them off in 2018 as of december 27th. 47 police officers have been killed in the line of duty. 30 -- that's up at least 9 from 2017 shot and killed. 38 shot and killed in 2017. what do you make for this increase? >> it's interesting. traditionally, believe it or not, we have had the decrease and this year we have the increase. the increase is more tribute to officers lost a life as a result of gunfire. in the past meant officers lost their life primarily by auto accidents and things to that effect. now, this has taken a more specific look at people, i want to say civilians that are actually confronting police whereas in the past they haven't. they have been more or less
3:47 am
regressive and willing to let officers take them into custody. it's a telltale sign of the societal change we are experiencing as a result of police officers. pete: is it do you humanization of the badge? why are people now more willing to turn a gun on a peace officer. >> people in this day and age are looking at officers as the punching bag so to speak. look, it's okay to do what you want against officers because the court system is not going to prosecute you the way they have in the past. this is something that's going up. it's not going down. pete: we showed you the shot and killed. the total dying in the line of duty 147. we remember all of those men today especially the newman police department. darren porcher thank you very much for your service. >> and thank you for your service. pete: one democratic congressman slamming president trump for turning down a deal to end the shutdown. >> i think we had that until
3:48 am
the president went off his ms. pete: diamond and silk on that coming up. plus we have the white house acting chief of staff mick mulvaney who better to ask about where this shutdown goes and sean parnell all here live. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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♪ jillian: good friday morning. welcome back. quick headlines now, michael bloomberg could be ready to drop major cash on a 2020 run. a political advisor tells the "new york post" the former new york city mayor will, quote: spend what's necessary to win the oval office, that is if he decides to run. bloomberg shelled out $110 million in this year's midterms. and support seems to be slipping for another possible 2020 contender.
3:52 am
according to the "new york times," some congressional supporters from 2016 don't plan on backing senator bernie sanders this time around. some former aides may also work for other candidates. and michelle obama is the most admired woman in the u.s. that's according to a new gallup poll. the former first lady yanking the title from hillary clinton who held the top spot for 17 years. oprah winfrey came in second place and first lady melania trump fourth place. back to you guys. pete: thank you, jillian. >> we have a big party coming in times square to celebrate ringing in the new year. pete, you will be there with kennedy and the. pete: i will. griff: main event and carley shimkus and i will be leading up the crowd for you. special year. this year they are honoring journalists. griff: honoring guys like you, griff. i'm not a journalist. i say that openly all the time. i have opinions i share them and that's my job. griff though he tried to call balls and strikes. they are honoring him. i didn't know that the times
3:53 am
square alliance took distances on issues but apparently they do quote. they put this statement out. on new year's eve we look back and reflect on the major events of the past year. we look forward with a sense of hope and we celebrate the people and things we value most need to move to the next page so i can read it this year we are celebrating the free press and journalism and those who work to protect, preserve and practice it. so, we're honoring journalism on new year's eve? griff: "time" magazine did a similar thing that takes us back to jamal khashoggi. actually the honor its sufficiently is on the committee to protects journalists everywhere in the world. my hats off to my colleagues that have traveled to far away dangerous places i have gone to some of them. here's the point. why does new year's eve times square need to honor anybody? rachel: why do we need to politicize an event. can't we all just celebrate new year's eve? i think the implication, of
3:54 am
course is, that freedom of the press is somehow being threatened under the trump presidency. pete: absolutely. rachel: that's really the underlying. pete: times square alliance could get to the resistance. let's see if they. griff: think are gone into. email us on what you think. pete: we were ready griff and i were not ready to do it. kennedy who has hosted new year's eve before. well, she put us and carley through a boot camp so that we are ready by new year's eve. listen. ♪ >> well to the fox news all-american new near new year's eve boot camp. we are doing my drills, people. you are going to be an interviewing machine, 5, 6, 7, 8, you, them, you, them, you, them. jenkins what is your major malfunction. >> my arm. it's tired. >> kennedy: of course it's tired you will an interviewing machine. i will rip it off.
3:55 am
griff: the fox new year's eve boot camp toughest most rigorous in the business. that's why i love it. >> kennedy: shimkus, what was the first times square ball drop. carley: 1907, ma'am. >> kennedy: very good. mr. jenkins how many supreme are expected to ring in the new year on times square. griff: 1 million, ma'am. >> kennedy: mr. hegseth how much does the new year's ball weigh? pete: ma'am. >> kennedy: hegseth drop and give me 289. 1, 2, you have a long way to go, boy. carley: i think i'm getting the hang of it. i'm a little worried about pete though. pete: i'm beginning to know that hosting new year's eve is going to be one of the hardest things i have ever done. and i'm a combat veteran. >> kennedy: they want you on that square. they need you on that square. new year's eve hosts are you ready?
3:56 am
[weak cheers] >> kennedy: that's not enough. i need more. new year's eve hosts are you ready? [weak cheers] griff: yeah, i' ready. >> kennedy: too much. no, no. this group hit a lot of bumps in the road. i'm confident with my help they will be able to pull it all together. it's going to be amazing. so, make sure you tune in. happy new year! rachel: that looks like fun. pete: it's a lot of fun because kennedy is certifiably hilarious. we have a lot of surprises in store, too. griff: we have a lot more coming. you thought migrant caravans have stopped. the biggest one yet could be headed our way. pete: today mark as big anniversary for the plegic.
3:57 am
congress initially plegic -- anniversary for the pledge of allegiance. look for a $1 coupon in this sunday's paper. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa"
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pete: there is manhunt underway for illegal immigrant suspected of shooting and killing a california police officer. >> it was truly just a human being. an american patriot. he came to this country with one purpose and that was to serve his country. >> this suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. he's a criminal. we will find him. we will arrest him. >> the president says any funding bill that ends this partial shutdown must include money for a border wall. >> i would say that the needle has moved towards a very long shutdown. >> this is not about border security. they do not want donald trump to get a victory. >> we know that we have to build this wall. >> derangement syndrome seems to be spreading
4:01 am
overseas. >> it's okay to go after the president in terms of policy or things that he says. once you start attacking the people that voted for him or military people then have you got a problem. >> eerie explosion at a power plant lights up the sky in new york city. ♪ pete: on this friday we begin with a fox news alert. a massive manhunt intensifying for illegal immigrant accused of killing this california police officer. griff: police believe the suspect is armed and dangerous. rachel: todd piro joins us live from the newsroom with the latest on this desperate search, todd? >> calls for justice growing louder this morning as the manhunt continues for a suspected cop killer in northern california. authorities revealing the unidentified suspect is in the u.s. illegally. he was spotted on surveillance video moments before shooting newman police corporal roni singh. it all happened during a traffic stop. hours earlier singh celebrating christmas with
4:02 am
his wife and 5 month old son. his department completely devastated by the killing. >> you have to understand this is not supposed to happen here. my department is hurting. we are struggling through. this we are a family. we are not an agency. we are a family. >> the 33-year-old was originally from fiji and spent 7 years as a cop. singh's department says it will do whatever it takes to find the suspect. >> he doesn't belong here. he's a criminal. we will find him. we will arrest him. and we will bring him to justice. >> president trump also calling for tougher border security in the wake of the tragedy. tweeting, quote: time to get tough on border security. build the wall. the county has set up a donation page for singh's family. you can find a link to that page on our website. guys, back to you. >> thank you, todd. pete: corporal singh an american patriot.
4:03 am
he came to this country legally. this is the police officer that did that traffic stop at 1:00 in the morning on a suspected dui. there he is right there. his dog sam part of the canine unit. his dog sam was wearing a mrs. claus outfit that night he was trying to spread cheer. he didn't want to be on duty that night. he had his young family. he preferred to be home. that's what these officers do every single day they serve us no matter the time or threat. he came here because he wanted to serving america. he loved america and he put that badge on and kept us safe. rachel: he really was an exemplary example of what an immigrant -- legal immigrant is. he came to this country as you said 20 years ago, but he volunteered on the force for like, i don't know how many -- several years before he ended up being hired on the force. and took language classes. english language class sews could do his job even better. this is an amazing human being. you see that picture. our hearts just break for
4:04 am
that family u and his wife and his child. griff: on the force for seven years. the tragedy of this is it didn't have to happen. this individual shouldn't have been there i have reached out to officials, as many as i can find to find out whether this individual had a detainer, an ice detainer. because, if he did. then it was protected by the sanctuary laws. you know, the sheriff in stanislaus county the police department where the corporal worked was only a dozen officers. the county taking over, the sheriff adam christianson saying that this is certainly a case where illegal immigration has been at the centers of it. listen to what the sheriff says. >> immigration is good for america. if done legally. illegal immigration doesn't serve our community. whether you hate the president or love the president, border security dose hand in hand with national security. we need to know who is in
4:05 am
our communities that shouldn't be. we should be focusing on criminal activity without political interference. law enforcement is here to protect people. but you can't provide sanctuary for criminals. that -- all that does is silence the voices of our victims. i certainly didn't sign up to do it. remember that our partners with ice, they are not in my county sweeping through churches and schools and convenience stores. they are only interested in the fugitives and the criminals. pete: now is the time to listen to the guys and gals on the ground doing the work that live with the ramifications of really dumb immigration policies that existed for a very long time. they are speaking up and saying sanctuary is not okay. catch and release is ohm not okay. open borders is not okay. assaulting police officer is not okay. yet, from the left, you keep hearing time and time again no, human can be illegal. you see it in these rallies all the time. this idea that the rule of law doesn't matter. >> that's what we are litigating here.
4:06 am
griff: neil singh left his family for a better life. someone who shouldn't have been here killed his father and he came for every reason for which the statue of liberty stands in new york city it is a tragic thing and time for politics to be put aside whether you are a democrat or republican and say we need to wake up on this. rachel: california, you know, nancy pelosi from california, this is a police officer from california. you wonder if this very tragic death is in any way altering the way people in california think about sanctuary cities. and, again, this big debate that we are having right now about how to secure our border. griff: time to press the woman that is about to take over the house of representatives for the democrats. that is nancy pelosi. it's headlines like these that are not helping solve the problem. let us show you. this this is a politico headline. dem's new year's resolution stiff trump on the wall and reopen the government. pete: situation unchanged. resistance continues. that's the headline coming out of politico.
4:07 am
here is the more on that article. while the strategy is fluid. house democrats, meaning nancy pelosi, hope to pass a funding bill shortly after members are sworn. in after the first of the year. they believe that would put pressure on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to follow suit. they are confident their political leverage will only increase longer the shutdown lasts. a notion that some g.o.p. leaders privately agree with. it almost looks like rachel in washington they are playing a game of political chicken here who is going to blink first. an event like this should, in my mind, embolden republicans and those who care about border security to not cave. that's what the democrats are hoping on. is the president will cave. the presidents question is will they stand strong for border wall funding. rachel: this is really a messaging war. who wins this messaging war. certainly the tragic death of this officer plays into the arguments being made on the right by the republicans this is why the president needs to get ahead of this. tweets are fine.
4:08 am
he needs oval office address where he can lay out the arguments and win over the american people. this death really sort offed in the wake of kate steinle's death encapsulates this message. the police officer said that this man should not have been in this country. griff: that is a good point. that as of today, right now kirstjen nielsen the dhs homeland secretary is in route to texas, el paso this morning. is driven because the sad and tragic death of an 8-year-old guatemalan boy in ice custody. now it is time for them to realize the stakes that this has been risen to. griff: that's right. absolutely. we will have mick mulvaney incoming white house chief of staff here at 8:00. we will ask him about all of this. i think to put a cherry on top of it, trump is on the right side of what american people, law abiding citizens think about this. nancy pelosi still put out a statement yesterday saying the wall is immoral, ineffective and expensive. regular folks just roll
4:09 am
their eyes at that having borders is immoral. suddenly you care about the budget spend the dollars. ineffective? there is no evidence. barack obama just built a 10-foot wall around his compound in washington. because walls work. they keep people out that sin stain statement from nancy pelosi. certifiably insane. she keeps repeating it. regular folks are not dumb. the presiden. rachel: the president needs to put forward what the deal is i really believe that there is a deal to be made. american people do want something to be done about daca. the democrats have said they want to help these daca recipients. they have been supposedly fighting for them. where are all the hispanic activists out there. pressuring the democrats to come to the table with a deal. money for the wall. in exchange for daca recipients there is a deal to be made. the democrats are throwing these daca kids under the bus. the media isn't covering
4:10 am
that. griff: we have a pressing issues southern mexico to tijuana on the northern u.s.-mexico border. there is now news another one this time possibly even larger this headline or a quote out of san diego union tribune saying another migrant caravan with estimates of as many as 15,000 participants is preparing to leave honduras on january 15th according to migrant rights advocates spanish language media. the administration already pledging to send more money to the northern triangle. honduras, guatemala and el salvador. clearly not stopping. there is something coming this way. we better pay attention. i will stay in disclosure many of the people i encountered in the caravan wanted to seek a better life for them. we also spoke to individuals with a criminal past. pete: policies have consequences. you mentioned the boy that died in u.s. custody. the boy is 21-year-old stepsister said to the a.p., the associated press, we
4:11 am
heard rumors that they could pass into the united states. they said they could pass with the children. so because the rumor is that children get you a free pass into the united states. parents are putting their kids at risk taking them on pear per columbus track and submitting themselves to drug cartels and others and die not because of anything u.s. officials did or didn't do necessarily. they tried to save this child. it's all because our policies create the wrong incentives u. rachel: out policies are incentivizing people to use their children as a pawn. griff: caravan is coming. pete: there will be a lot of kids and regular aged males. griff: more on that later because now we have jillian with even more news on your friday before new year's. jillian: we continue to follow the story out of colorado. the parents of a missing colorado mother are granted temporary custody of her 1-year-old daughter. kelsey berth's parents come face to face fiancee accused
4:12 am
of killing her as he walked into the courtroom in shackles. berreth hasn't been seen since thanksgiving when she mysteriously vanished. police believe she is dead but her body of has not been found. stock futures are up hours before the opening bell on wall street. the market optimism folianos a roller coaster day of trading. the dow making a huge come back in a late trading gain. it rallied 260 points after steep losses earlier this the day. the s&p 500 closing higher adding 21 points. and nasdaq ending on a solid note after rising 25 points. a college quarterback finds his calling and it's not the nfl. old dominion university quarterback blake do you rousseau will skip his senior season to join the seminary. this is something that i just feel god wants me to do and something i want to do. waiting another year to start just doesn't make sense. a look at your headlines. back to you. pete: jillian, thank you very much. griff: the media keeping
4:13 am
slamming president trump for his surprise visit with our troops. >> they passed out those hats for sure. >> confused in some ways this troop visit was a campaign rally. >> every time is he around military audiences he tends to politicize it. >> army ranger sean parnell says the media's reaction is absurd. he will join us next. pete: and i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. we always cited those words now it's disappearing from our classroom before our eyes. today marks a big anniversary for the pledge of allegiance. we will honor it and our country coming up. ♪ ♪ it's time for our lowest prices of the season on
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♪ >> they passed out those hats for sure entirely inappropriate to use that as a political rally. >> the president seems to have confused in some way this troop visit with a campaign rally by raising things like the border wall and things that he has done for them. >> every time he is around military audiences, he tends to politicize it. pete: okay. well, the media in a frenzy slamming the president's surprise visit to troops in iraq. what does his visit actually do for morale for those serving on the front lines?
4:17 am
here to weigh in retired u.s. army ranger and author of the book "outlaw platoon and man of war" sean parnell. >> thanks for having me. pete: how do troops receive trips like. this i have led soldiers on the battlefield. i know how much it means to have a vip come to your base. i also know what a tremendous honor it would be to have the commander-in-chief come to your base so when i saw president trump out there visiting the troops, clearly the troops love and adore him. even if you don't agree with his political position. deference and respect and he was surely and clearly met had maga hats in duffle bags. >> not at all. exposed making life and death decisions every day. the fact of the matter is
4:18 am
when you are in combat. you don't know if you are going to be around tomorrow if you have a maga hat in your bag or trump flag in your bag and bring it to meet the president to get him to sign it. let him have it. what i found truly remarkable about this is how the mainstream media roundly criticized the president for not visiting the troops at christmas. when they found out that he was there in iraq 24 hours later they criticized the manner in which he visited the troops president trump can't win. to me, he should just fight back against the media any chance he gets. he did a great job out there visiting the troops. i was really proud to be an american. pete: you can't fake that enthusiasm. i recall back to the tepid response the troops would -- respectful but tepid response they would sometimes give barack obama. quite different. why is it the troops feel that connection? >> i think american troops
4:19 am
feel that president trump has their back. is he fighter. and, you know, as a leader your decisions aren't always going to be popular. i think people in the military know that again, whether you agree with the president or not is irrelevant. the troops feel that this president when their backs are up against the wall will have theirs. that matters a lot. visiting the troops is like a campaign rally. it's not like he has these troops marching down pennsylvania avenue, knocking on doors for them. they simply showed up to see the president speak and greet him in iraq. soldiers asked him to sign their make america great again hats. they asked him to sign their flag so he did. what i find is the media is sort of passively attacking the troops. you see them going through this and saying that's an air force captain there. she has a trump flag. and look at those seals? how dare they have make america great again hats. pete: now they are calling
4:20 am
out the troops. >> in christmas time in combat not a good look. pete: good stuff. you would know. you served multiple christmases i think deployed overseas. thank you for your time, sean. good good man of war, check it out. one democratic congressman slamming president trump. bad deal to end the shutdown. >> i think we have to ask until the president, you know, went off his meds. pete: there we go. what a diagnosis. you bet diamond and silk have a lot to say about that. sean does too but his time is up. they are going to join us coming up next. >> this outgoing congressman plans to seek a higher office once he leaves capitol hill. we will explain that coming up ♪ all right now ♪ baby it's all right now ♪
4:21 am
creates many more in this town.
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4:24 am
♪ time now for your friday news by the numbers. first 2.8. that's how much social security check also increase by next month. on average, that's 39 extra dollars per month. largest increase since 2012 and partly due to increases in medicare costs. next, $10 billion that's how much the marijuana industry is worth according to cannabis research firm. 250,000 people work in the pot industry. finally 32, that's how many babies were born this year to employees at birthing unit at minnesota hospital. look at them there most of the moms are registered nurses. rachel? >> democratic congressman jim mcgovern slamming president trump for the government shut down. >> i think it's an
4:25 am
embarrassment any time the government shuts down and this being no exception. we ought to work at it until we get to an agreement before a majority say yes. and i think we have that until the president, you know, went off his meds and who the hell knows what happened. rachel: really? here to react our fox nation hosts diamond and silk. welcome. griff: good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having us. rachel: what do you make of that? this isn't the first time that the democrats have called the president's mental state into question. what do you think about this way of referring or talking about the president when this comes to this debate? >> you know, i think it's disrespectful and sad. >> yeah. >> but i have to question the mental state of these congress men and women who refuse to fund our wall. you know, according to our immigration and nationality laws, if you are funding sanctuary cities, you are aiding and abating illegal aliens and that is against the law. >> that's right. >> maybe they need to check
4:26 am
themselves before they try to check this president who wants to keep americans safe and wants to make sure we are secured in our country. griff: when you are saying they. i want to turn you specifically to one individual and that is soon to be speaker of the house nancy pelosi. she is saying that she is pretty much gearing up for the new year to plotted revenge on president trump. she even says she is looking to stiff the president on this government standoff and on specifically the border wall that she calls immoral. >> and she is going if she do that. we don't have time to play politics. it's time to use common sense. and what they are doing is playing games. when they took that oath, they took that oath to uphold the constitution and to do their duty. their duty is to fund the government and fund governmental projects. funding something like daydreaming, how is that going to help us? we won't have daydream if they don't fund the border
4:27 am
wall to keep illegal aliens were killing up our citizens and gunning down our police officers. >> and u.s. congress they are supposed to vote laws into law in order to protect americans. that's what they are supposed to do. and i think that all americans that has been affected by illegal aliens should sue our congress for not following the law and protecting american citizens. if they can fund a sanctuary city to do the taxpayers dollars. then they should be able to fund the wall using taxpayers' dollars. >> that's what their job is to do. they need to do their job. >> that's right. rachel: president trump has just tweeted, diamond and silk, here is what he has to say. he says we will be forced to clothes southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddled with. hard to believe there was a congress and president who would approve. what do you make of this shutting down the border? there is a lot of commerce
4:28 am
that goes between mexico and america, the border there. >> shut it down. >> that's right. >> shut it down until congress do their job. >> that's right. >> they have tax dollars. our taxpayer dollars. that's not their money. that's our tax dollars. that's our dollars. >> that's right. >> we want a wall. let me tell you how i know that people, americans want a wall there is a go fund me. i don't know how many millions it have. people are donating because we want a wall. we want our borders secure. we want illegal aliens to stop crossing our borders and when you come in this country, we want you to do it the right way. >> that's right. >> get in line and wait your time. >> also rules on the books. it is illegal to have illegal aliens cross our borders illegally. these different individuals that's not doing anything about protecting american citizens, at that border, are breaking the law. i want president trump to shut it down. >> shut it down. griff: we certainly saw that tweet. looks like is he in sink.
4:29 am
thank you for joining us this friday. rachel: thank you, happy new year, ladies. >> happy new year to you. rachel: the liberal media loves them some bait uh-oh rourke or robert francis as some say. take a look. >> you can't go anywhere without getting -- >> the only problem, of course, is that rock star lost his senate race. the biggest media fails of the year coming up. ♪ >> the united states of america. we have all recited those words. now it's disappearing from our classroom. not today. we are honoring the pledge of allegiance on its big anniversary with a class of students. here they are with pete and i bet they get it right. one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all ♪ ♪
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands. one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. pete: thank you all very much. >> go ahead and sit down. math is next. but it's before that the reason we are doing this is in 1945, congress officially recognized and approved the pledge of allegiance. so we are taking a look back at what it means, what makes the pledge so special in american history. here to tell us the author of "erasing america, losing our future by destroying our past james robbins." thank you for being here this morning. this group right here they know the pledge of allegiance. i asked them all if they say it every morning before school and they all said they do.
4:34 am
that is not always the case. especially in a lot of our public schools today. why? >> not always the case. the supreme court has said students shouldn't be compelled to say the pledge. some school districts just don't say it anymore. that's unfortunate because the pledge allows american kids to know that they are part of something bigger than themselves. part of this great country. pledge pledge the flag has been seen by some as a dividing or divisive symbol. i believe it should unify. what do you think? >> oh, definitely. that's the whole point of the flag and the pledge is to bring us together, to fight all our differences. we are all americans. saying this every day allows kids and even adults to understand that better. pete: why are we losing it? why are schools -- i speak to at love students around the country do you know if your student say the pledge every morning. most parents don't know whether their schools say it. maybe they don't stay every week maybe once a week or school assemblies. why is it being torn out of our schools. >> advancement of -- we need
4:35 am
more civics. we need more unification. more talking about the good things in america parents should get involved. they should know if their kids are saying the pledge. if they are not. she thud tell school districts to get it together. pete: that's right. go to your superintendent and principal and say if you don't say the pledge why you don't? what's so wrong with this country that they can't take 25 seconds to say a pledge? the congress added under god as well at one point, why did they do that? >> that was in the 1950s idea the emphasize the cold war and ideological war with the soviet union and emphasize that america is a godly country. we have a history and heritage to say it president eisenhower among others felt that was important. pete: james, thank you for your time. i will ask a couple the of
4:36 am
kids here. kayla, can i ask you a couple questions. why is the pledge important to you. >> this is my home. one of the parts of the pledge of allegiance says one nation under god which teaches me that this is a christian nation. the founding fathers believed we would answer to god. pete: well said, what's your name little guy. >> joey. pete: big guy. joey, what does the pledge mean to you. >> it means we have freedom and it represents our country. pete: amen, all said. because we are all in this together, right? karl, you were ready to answer feanswer a question. >> pledge of allegiance recognizes our soldiers putting our lives on the line for us hoping for a better future for their loved ones. pete: holy cow. i didn't ask any of these kids question before i stuck a microphone in their face. fourth grade, sixth grate, seventh grade. keep saying the pledge. thank you for being on "fox
4:37 am
& friends" this morning. an issue we will stay all over because it is important for the future of our country. jillian, back to you. jillian: thank you, pete. facebook is using a secret rule book to help censor political speech according to the "new york times." a group of employees meet by weekly to decide what is acceptable for users to post. used by 1700 moderators from around the world. the times claims there are gaps and errors in methods. working to secure a safe space online. fighting off homeless men is speaking out. an army veteran says he never thought about reaching for his gun. >> going for that weapon unnecessarily the first thing that we should be thinking about. what you saw was probably what happens all the time a. will i fought off the men inside a new york city
4:38 am
subway station after a woman reported them for harassment. three people are under arrest. bob brady reportedly wants to try marijuana whether or not his state decides to legalize it. he retires next month after spending nearly 20 years in congress. recreational marijuana is not legal in pennsylvania. but governor tom wolf has showed interest in legalizing the drug. and listen up, a swat negotiator ending nine hour standoff by singing white christmas to the suspect. ♪ i'm dreaming of what white christmas. jillian: nathaniel lewis sang the carol and waited until he heard four verses to leave a barricaded home. he fired shots at home, car and swat vehicle following an argument with his wife on christmas day. is he facing several charges. that goes nut bizarre story
4:39 am
category. griff: good on the negotiator. rachel: get some music play it and end this thing. griff: speaking of a white christmas. pete: are we going to have one or not. adam klotz what do you think? rachel: christmas is over. it's still the christmas season. pete: still have new year's eve coming up. adam: are you talking about a white christmas? no there is not going to be a white christmas. we have had really good crowds out here all week long because of the holidays. i'm surprised we still have any crowd out here at all. they all brought signs all smaller numbers i wonder why because of the rain. if you bring a sign get a little attention. who are we singing happy birthday to? where from you? >> saint cloud, florida. >> it if you have a penny will cross out janice dean. we need to write my name on here.
4:40 am
let, do the forecast. here is what we are talking about across the country. rain as you can see rounds amend rounds of shower. i will give you your pen back. there is still big snow in the middle of the country. this is one we are going to be paying attention to. it is going to be clearing off today. unfortunately, guys, i think the rain we are currently seeing is going to be sticking with us throughout the entire day. tossing this in to you guys because i think i'm running out of time. texas is here. "fox & friends" in texas. pete: love it, hate texas. rachel: i love texas. griff: you are always looking ahead. ♪ pete: still ahead, acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is going to join us at the top of the hour a lot of questions to ask. griff: this story is great. michael bloomberg can spend
4:41 am
$100 million of his own money to get to the white house in 2020. but will that cash translate to actual votes? i don't know. our next guest may. we're going to ask him ♪ ♪ (waves crashing) excedrin sees your relentless, pounding headache even if no one else can. it's why we focus only on headaches. nothing works faster. we see your pain and what's possible without it. excedrin extra strength. we see your pain and what's possible without it. once i started looking for it was a no-brainer.
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♪ rachel: good friday morning to you welcome back. quick headlines now. today we could find out if serious finds a buyer or closes for good. the bankrupts company wants someone to purchase 500 of its stores as well as the kenmore appliance brand. all official bids must be submitted by today. and the end may be near for jc penny. the company shares plunging to 97 cents. the company recently slashed profit forecasts for the year. nearly 150 j.c. penney stores have closed since the third quarter of 2017. griff? griff: thank you very much. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg reportedly ready to spend $100 million on a 2020 campaign. advisors saying spending that money on campaigns will ultimately translate to votes. we shall find out whether or not that will actually come to fruition. here with more on the simmering 2020 race is g.o.p. strategist and
4:45 am
polster john thomas. john, this is one of the most interesting questions out there. everywhere is already looking ahead to 2020 now. you have howard wilson weighing in saying hey, look, bloomberg is ready to spend whatever it takes to get it done. what do you say, sir? >> well, money doesn't necessarily equal votes. money is an important component in politics. in presidential politics it's basically table steaks. it gets you to be able to communicate your message it requires a lot more than that. remember, donald trump did self-fund but he lit the electorate on fire. the problem bloomberg is going to have is in the latest "u.s.a. today" poll over 60% of democratic voters said they want a fresh, new face. and when asked of the entire field of democratic contenders of who they were most excited about, bloomberg was nearly last on the list. the only personal below him was hillary clinton. griff: he is last but he has
4:46 am
the most money undeniably. he was on meet the press saying i'm not sure if i'm in. there is a lot of good possible candidates. we know at least from what he said he has an issue that may not be in sync with all of the voters. take a quick look at this. i want your reaction. >> i don't know if i'm going to run or not. i will be out there demanding anybody running has a plan. look at it and see if it's doable. griff: that plan clearly being a climate change plan is that a winning issue? >> it's not a bad issue in a democratic primary but it doesn't generate the intensity and the enthusiasm he is going to need to catapult himself past the 17 or 18 primary. one thing i will remind you of is jeb bush. jeb bush at this point in the race in 2016 had over $100 million. he came in almost dead last. but, what this -- what bloomberg needs is he needs to find an issue that lights the electorate on fire and i'm not sure that he is far
4:47 am
left enough to find those issues. look, this is a democratic electorate that once a socialist. the bernie sanders, a kamala harris. griff: right, right. >> i don't think climate change is the issue. griff: talk about going left enough. let's go to the other b and that is bernie sanders. you mentioned him. clearly bernie is having a little bit of trouble over in his party. he had a lot more success in 2016. now you see this "new york times" headline bernie sanders holding on to support may be hard in a 2020 bid. he seems to have a problem and that is a feud that is rising with beto o'rourke. >> yeah. this gets back to latest polling like i was saying at 60% of the democratic primary. they want a fresh new face. see, the chin thing is bernie ss might have missed it. he already had his moment in 2016 when his only competition. the only alternative for a democratic party is hillary clinton. sanders paved the way as the
4:48 am
first mainstream radical socialist in the democratic primary. now voters have some other flavors to choose from. i don't know that sanders is going to be able to go the distance. he starts out in polling right now in the top tier. but i think that is a larger function of name recognition. griff: john, you mentioned a lot of flavors out there. is this going to be beto o'rourke's moment? >> it's early to say. he certainly has a small donor file that will make him very relevant. he raised over $80 million for his failing bid for the u.s. senate. i think he was brilliant about what he does. is he -- he has the standard democratic talking points. but he makes them seem fresh. i honestly, i don't know at this point. one thing to remember though is the secret to a democratic presidential primary is the southern swing and the makeup of that electorate is almost 80% african-american. and there are several
4:49 am
prominent african-americans that run that probably will run largely on identity politics. i think it will complicate for beto as we go into the southern swing. griff: in the southern swing in texas he lot of money but he lost. happy new year to you. >> thank you very much. same to you. griff: now day seven of the government shutdown. president trump tweeting moments ago with a message for the democrats shut it down. a "new york times" declared a new axle o axis of evil. russia, saudi arabia and the united states. fasten your seat belt paul krugman ♪ can't go for that ♪ can't go for that ♪ voice-command navigation with waze wifi wireless charging 104 cubic feet of cargo room and seating for 8.
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>> 2018 huge new year. will media mishap. griff: here with top five media mishaps dan gainer. happy new year to you. pete: good morning, dan. griff: let's start going down the line number five. you say paul krugman. >> , paul krugman. the idea that america is part of the axis of evil. you go back in history and look at who the real -- there is the original axis with germany, japan and italy or, you know, the george w. bush axis of evil it doesn't matter. to say united states is evil is so over the top. that's even bad for the "new york times." pete: that's how the left really feels. ultimate manifestation of blame america first america is bad. so he is just exposing himself for what he is. watch this attempted i don't
4:54 am
know if it's an interview of beto o'rourke. watch this. >> you are a rock star. >> no, no. just some great people. >> you can't go anywhere without getting. pete: you're a rock star. >> if you look at the very end of that clip, just the way she fixes her hair. it adds a school girl moment to an already embarrassing thing. expect journalism. expect people to cover someone who you know they are talking about to run for president of the united states do cover him like is he a politician not like he is somebody like bon jovi or somebody. rachel: i like bon jovi. we will go to your number three. jill, she is a feminist. and she has this to say about republican men. take a look. i'm sorry. it's a tweet. divorce your republican husbands. explain why she wrote that tweet? >> there is the idea that if you are a republican or a conservative you must be a
4:55 am
misogynist. the numerous republican women who are out there campaigning would have a disagreement about that. it's just the standard liberal talking point if you disagree with them, you are a racist, sexist. bigoted in some way form or fashion. it's a way of disregarding everybody who opposing them. it's garbage. pete: speaking of garbage, guy at another network had this to say about trump supporters. >> honest there felt like we weren't in america anymore i don't know how to put it any more plainly than that americans should not be treating their fellow americans in this way. pete: we didn't know which one to pick so we picked that one. >> we could do an entire program just on jim acosta clips. the idea that jim acosta is this neutral journalist which he goes out and befouls journalism every time they have a pressroom. cnn complains the white house doesn't do these
4:56 am
pressers anymore. is it any wonder you put acosta and april ryan out there. each one of them worse than the next? it's awful. griff: dan, i have got to get quickly to don lemon defending protesters. have you seen time and time again burning things up antifa,. >> says it right in the name antifa, antifascism which is what they were there fighting. no organization is perfect. there is some violence. no one condones the violence but there are different reasons for antifa and neo nazis to be there. griff: dan your reaction. >> rationalizing violence because you agree with it is not journalism it's unethical. griff: dan gainer, thank you very much. pete: 2019 will bring even more fails. talking about those fails, presiden. --
4:57 am
griff: mick mulvaney, herman cain and corey lewandowski in our final hour. stay tuned ♪ just hanging around ♪ . . college of the ozarks gave me the chance to work for my degree i'll graduate debt free from a college where character is as important as class work and patriotic education is part of the curriculum
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protected by flo. should say, "protected by alan and jamie." -right? -should it? when you bundle home and auto... run, alan! get more than just savings. you get 'round-the-clock protection. ♪ griff: there is a manhunt underway for an illegal immigrant suspected shooting and killing a california police officer. >> he was truly just a human being, an american patriot. he came to this country with one purpose, that was to serve this country. the suspect was in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. he is a criminal. we will find him. we will arrest him. >> the president says any funding bill that ends this partial shutdown must include money for a border wall. >> i would say the needle has moved towards a very long shutdown. >> this is not about border security. they do not want donald trump to get a victory. >> we know we have to build this wall. >> derangement syndrome seems to be spreading overseas. >> it is okay to go after the
5:01 am
president in terms of policy and things he said, once you attack the people that voted for him or military people you've got a problem. >> explosion at a power plant lights up the sky in new york city. rachel: begin with a fox news alert. massive manhunt intensifying for a an illegal immigrant accused this killing this california police officer. pete: police believe the suspect is armed an dangerous. griff: toad pie roy join us for the search for the suspect. reporter: the manhunt continues for a suspected cop killer in northern california. revealing unidentified suspect is in the u.s. illegally. he was spotted on surveillance video moments before allegedly shooting newman police corporal
5:02 am
ronilsingh. during his department is completely devastated by the killing. >> this is not supposed to happen here. nye department is hurting. we're struggling through this. we're a family. we're not an agency. we're a family. reporter: the 33-year-old was originally from fiji and spent seven years as a cop. singh's department says it will do whatever it takes to find the suspect. >> doesn't belong here. he is a criminal. we will find him. we will arrest him. and we will bring him to justice. reporter: president trump also calling for tougher border security in the wake of the tragedy, tweeting quote, time to get tough on border security. build the wall. stanislaus county established a fund-raising page for his family
5:03 am
griff: tough story, we've been talking about this all morning. small town, california, killed in cold blood the middle of the night by and a illegal immigrant who had no business being in our country. >> this should not have happened because of the situation with border security and sanctuary laws in, like states like california. we want to bring in now the incoming acting white house chief of staff, director of the omb, mick mulvaney. how are you? >> merry christmas. happy new year. griff: mr. mulvaney, why did this happen and what is going to be done to make sure it never happens again? >> that is just a heartbreaking story. i think in a very, very difficult and painful way it sort of illustrates the very best of our immigration and the very worst. why legal immigration is so important and wonderful for this country and illegal immigration is so different. one of the reasons that the president is still here fighting for border security, there are
5:04 am
too many of those stories. they need to stop and what we can do to accomplish that. rachel: how closely is the president watching this story? i know this is still developing. >> we talked with him late last night. he is in washington, d.c., over new years. canceled is his plans for christmas. he canceled his plans for new year's. we're talking hourly basis what is happening in california and what is not happening in washington, d.c., with senate democrats. the president is heavily engaged in this on a minute-by-minute basis. pete: absolutely, we're following on a minute-by-minute basis as well. this conversation about illegal immigration, about the wall is front and center in washington whether the democrats are there to cut a deal with him. the president tweeted tweeted ta moments ago. we want to get your reaction. we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money for to finish the wall and change the
5:05 am
ridiculous immigration walls we're saddled with. hard to believe there was a congress and president who would approve. is he willing to go that far? >> i think he is. he is trying to draw light to the fact this is a crazy discussion to be having. all of -- chuck schumer voted for border security in 2006. he voted for it again i think in 2011. it seems like democrats really like border security when there is a democrat in office and don't like it when donald trump is in office. what the president is trying to do, rightly so, shed light what is happening here. in all fairness, having worked with the vice president, i met with leader schumer last saturday, the last time we sat down face-to-face, my gut was he was really interested in doing a deal, come to some sort of compromise. the more we're hearing it is nancy pelosi preventing that from happening. griff: let's put up a headline from "politico" to show where she is. dem's new year's resolution, stiff trump on the wall, reopen
5:06 am
the government. how is it you intend to get any progress with positions like that? >> well, tell you where we are, tell you about progress. democrats offered us $1.3 billion for border security, a border barrier. keep in mind, everybody agrees, some folks use the term wall, mean different things, everyone agrees what we can and should be building on southern border is the steel barrier the president tweeted out. that is what the president wants to build. democrats believe it or not don't call that a wall. that would be a functional barrier. everybody is okay with design. they offered us $1.3 billion to do that. we countered with $5 billion. they came back walking away from the table. the democrats simply shut down the discussion. they did not even counter us. we went back after the second 1.3 billion, picked a number less than five we came off our five billion dollars slightly. they instead coming up from the $1.3 billion, left town. that speak as lot what is
5:07 am
happening in washington, d.c. rachel: is there any negotiation going on behind the scenes right now? are phone calls being made? any kind of movement at all and they left town and that is it? >> no, they left town. nancy pelosi in fairness does not have the votes for speakership yet. she cannot be seen by her party as being weak negotiating with donald trump. we fully expect until she is elected speaker locks that vote up, we don't expect to hear from the democrats. they towed us last night they were not countering our last offer. pete: 25 billion was on the table. now it is five. it was 1.3. mark meadows who has been strong on this issue was on another network. play what he had to say, get to you respond. >> certainly vast majority of republican members of the conference understand there may be a compromise between 5.7 billion and 1.6 or wherever the number may be but as we're looking at it, whether its 2.5 a
5:08 am
or 2.7, it doesn't matter. chuck schumer has said no. the american people see that as compromise. i see that as compromise. certainly if that is the on the table you would find a number of republican members, encouraging the president to go ahead and accept that. pete: mr. mulvaney, a lot of trump supporters feel like five is compromise. to start to float out there 2.5, 2.7, wouldn't that look like a cave on the key issue? >> couple different things. you mentioned the 25 billion. you can put that one aside. that was smoke and mirrors. democrats offered 25 billion but they did that in a way in washington. they would authorize but spend zero. pete: appropriation. >> if you're at $5 billion at something and i'm 1.3, maybe there is a way we can compromise. you get a little bit what you want. we get a little bit what we want. keep in mind, anything that
5:09 am
opens the government requires 60 votes in the senate. it must have some democrat support. that is why we tried to negotiate. not sure why they tried to leave town. griff: hold on. the american people want ad wall. what is the president, what deal then now is president trump willing to accept that is anything short of that wall? >> we're still building the barrier. that is why the government is closed. president is not willing to give up on the southern barrier. keep in mind that steel slat fence that is the ideal border barrier. what cpb wants. it will do the job fast. that is why the government is closed. makes sense when you sit down at table to try to negotiate with another party see if there is someplace in the middle between their five -- pete: what are you willing to accept? >> i will not tell you guys that. rachel: you were talking about money, 5 billion. 1.5 billion, 2.billion, why aren't there other things on the
5:10 am
table? daca, for example? is that being negotiated? >> it's a great question. we've, again gone to the democrats over the course of the last year. keep in mind this just didn't come up in the last couple weeks, the president made it clear early summer he wanted 5 a billion dollars for border wall and border security. it doesn't come as a surprise. we talked to the democrats talking about different things, different changes to the immigration laws. keep in mind this is border security discussion. not just a border wall. there are other things broken with our border security, including laws that allow folks to stay here. keep in mind one of stories that didn't get attention, agreement with mexico, keeping a asylum seekers in mexico. someone crosses the border illegally, asks for a asylum. last week they were able to stay in this country indefinitely. now they stay in mexico. that is huge improvement. things like that are already discussed. we talk mostly about the money. but other things are being
5:11 am
discussed at the same time. pete: mr. director, nancy pelosi calls the wall immoral, ineffective and expensive. we know it is effective. $5 billion is not expensive in washington dollars. reality of it tell that to the family of corporal singh. trump supporters are expecting that. how attuned reality compromise makes look like republicans caving again. no that is real thing that has to be factored in, right. >> we're not compromising on importance of border security. you're right, nancy pelosi is wrong on all of those things, especially morality, my reaction same as your, bo ask family of folks victims of illegal immigration, how moral this is. but we're not compromising on the importance of border security. we're trying to come to a deal on the amount of money we will spend on the next fiscal year. this is part of how government works. this is what you have to do. democrats have the votes in the
5:12 am
senate, which they do 60 votes required to pass this in the senate. so we're not compromising on the importance of border security. just -- pete: president floated "nuclear option." is that a possibility in the senate? he tweeted about it couple weeks ago. >> i wish all options were open. we need folks to talk with us. we need folks to discuss with us. i, still strikes me very unusual that the democrats did not provide a counteroffer to our last discussion. they simply left town. the president is here. the president canceled his plans. where are chuck schumer, where is nancy pelosi? they're not talking now. they won't until after the new congress is sworn in. rachel: if he is there, why doesn't he do a oval office address? we had this very tragic event really bringing to the forefront what is at stake, the safety of not just police officers, but all americans, why isn't he using all the tools at his disposal? >> i think the president is pretty good communicating, don't you? i'm omb director. incoming acting chief of staff i
5:13 am
will not tell the president how to communicate. he is pretty good at it. you brought up three or four tweets. his message is getting out there. what we need to ask why aren't the democrats talking. are they so afraid, is nancy pelosi speakership worth shutting the ghost down? is nancy pelosi speakership worth leaving the border without protection? that is the discussion we need to be having. democrats are choosing her speakership, importance of her taking office over what is best for the country. griff: incoming acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney. thank you for your time. rachel: happy new year. pete: president trump accomplished a lot for minorities in america, including passing criminal justice reform. >> bipartisan bill that will make our communities safer and give former inmates a second chance at life. pete: herman cain, says the president will never get the credit he deserves. he will explain that coming up
5:14 am
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♪ pete: critics of the president endlessly saying he has a minority problem but look what he has done in the last two months alone. >> under my administration we're fighting every day for all
5:17 am
americans. african-americans and hispanic-americans, poverty rates have reached their lowest levels ever recorded. with the creation of today's council, the resources of the whole federal government will be leveraged to rebuild low income and impoverished neighborhoods. this bipartisan bill will make our communities safer and give former inmates a second chance at life. rachel: bipartisan prison reform bill passing through congress just before the government shut down. so why isn't the president getting the credit? let's ask the chairman of america fighting back, former gop presidential candidate herman cain. herman, welcome. happy new year. tell us why isn't he getting the credit he deserves in the minority community. >> because they don't hear from the liberal news source what is the president has done. they still believe in identity politics. this president believes in results. results for all people.
5:18 am
former vice president candidate jack kemp used to say a rising tide lifts all boats. president trump has brought the rising tide to america. blacks benefit. hispanics benefit, whites benefit, everybody benefits. that is what he has done but they're not going to point this progress out to the black community or the hispanic community because, just like the fight over the wall they don't want this president to be known for helping everybody. pete: herman, you're talking about results, want to look at results. there is a pretty important november. in november of 2018 the african-american unemployment rate hit 5.9% that is tieing a record low that also happened in may, which means that low has remained low throughout the president's presidency. at some point, even if the left-wing media to lying to certain communities, they're going to look around and say, my life's gotten better. could this have something to do with policies and leadership?
5:19 am
>> it has a lot to do with partisan politics. i had the pleasure of the attending the last state of the union address. i remember president trump citing that low black unemployment rate, the low poverty rate and do you know the democrats did not raise one hand to applaud that result. black democrats, nor white democrats. this is how hypocritical they are. and unfortunately it has turned our entire narrative about politics and about policies into a very toxic situation, and, president trump is not to blame. he is, he should get credit, but he doesn't, showing leadership necessary for this rising tide to lift all boats. rachel: so, herman cain what should the president do to get the message out? he will not get help from the media. he clearly has some very good results he could brag about. shouldn't he go into the communities giving the message himself? >> he should continue tweeting.
5:20 am
that is the first thing that he should do. because, that is one way that he reaches out to people. the other thing is, he has a limited amount of time. i think it is great if he would go into some of these communities but here's the thing. some of the black members of congress will not invite him into those communities. rachel: why does he need to be invited? why doesn't he just go? >> it is protocol. it is simply protocol. even when the president goes to a state on a visit, well the governor is supposed to show the courtesy of greeting the president, but many of the democrat governors won't even show up for his arrival. so that is why he just doesn't go. but there are a lot of ambassadors out there spreading the good message, what this president's leadership is doing. pete: the resistance matters more than the results for a lot of those folks. herm main cain, thank you for your time this morning. rachel: happy new year.
5:21 am
pete: massive manhunt underway for the illegal immigrant accused of killing a police officer in california. our next guest says we need to secure the border now to avoid another tragedy like this. ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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5:25 am
at this, bringing traffic to a halt, causing several accidents. torrential rain causing flooding in the south. you can see rushing water moving down a creek in hattiesburg, mississippi. the weather moving east, threatening more flash floods. nationwide internet outage, knocked out 911 emergency services overnight. centurylink internet customers say they got a busy signals every time they called emergency services in washington, oregon, minnesota, massachusetts, idaho, new mexico, a whole list of states. missouri, arizona, colorado, many more may have been affected. the company is working to fully restore the outages across the country. griff: thanks, jillian. search underway for a armed and dangerous man accused of killing a police officer in california. patrolman ronil singh was shot several times by a suspect who
5:26 am
police say is in the united states illegally. >> suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. he's a criminal. we will find him. we will arrest him and we will bring him to justice. griff: here to weigh in, president of the local 2544 national border patrol council in arizona, art cueto. a tough interview to do today in the tragedy we're seeing out in california. i want to ask you very quickly, do you have anymore insight into the background behind this cop killer? was this illegal immigrant here with an i.c.e. detainer on him? >> i don't have that information. i wouldn't have that information through i.c.e. however it is extremely horrible. it's tragic. once again you know, we need better enforcement of our immigration laws. wee been asking for better technology and the wall being part of that. and this isn't a game. this is not a political game and
5:27 am
the individuals out there making this a political game on one side and on the other, they need to stop. they need to realize that we need to have better border security. we need to back up the president, to be honest. we need better border security. the wall being a big part of it. and enough's enough. how many more american citizens have to die at the hands of these criminals. griff: art, you get a wall, you get additional funding for border security, with laws such as sanctuary laws as the entire state of california has, can you even solve the problem? >> that's the whole point. we need better enforcement of our immigration laws. we need to do interior enforcement. yes, i believe having a wall, what the president is asking for is a huge deal because we know we have criminals in the united states. we know we have illegal aliens in the united states that are committing crimes. but do you really want to import more of them? griff: so the homeland security
5:28 am
secretary kirstjen nielsen now enroute to the texas border tomorrow. she will travel near you to arizona for the next two days. she is going there originally prompted by the tragic death of an 8-year-old guatemalan boy. in fact homeland security changing the policy, she says, at quote, my direction. all children in the border patrol custody have been given a thorough medical screening. moving forward all children will receive more thorough hands-on assessment whether or not the accompanying adult asked for one. what do you make of the secretary's change of policy. >> it's refreshing. i think it's a good thing. it shows that she cares about the rule of law. and at the same time, putting the blame on the individuals that are to blame which is smugs link organizations criminals that invade our borders. that is it comes down to. griff: i want to ask you, president trump has been very firm, he is tweeting that he continues to hold the line.
5:29 am
how long do you believe president trump should keep the government shut down until he gets funding for a wall? >> it's, i think the question needs to be asked on the other side of the individuals that are holding up this shutdown. we have a president that cares about american citizens. we have a president that cares about border security. as you have seen the stories happening now, with an american citizen getting killed, with one of these individuals, these children that are dying from being smug felled, there -- smuggled. there is no more excuses. reality we need border security and the president is doing everything he can to get border security. griff: art del cueto, thank you for coming on. thank you to you and all your agents, some working without a paycheck to keep the border safe. thank you, art. >> thank you. griff: coming up, thought the migrant caravans had stopped? think again. the biggest one yet could be headed our way.
5:30 am
corey lewandoski here to react next. did you see this? an explosion lighting up the sky and social media in new york city. they were going crazy. what caused it? stick around and listen to blues traveler. ♪ the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough.
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♪ pete: live shot of the white house on this friday edition of "fox & friends." we have corey lewandoski. cory, thank you for being here this morning. we've been processing the
5:34 am
terrible news of the killing of newman police department corporal ronil singh by an illegal immigrant. we don't know who the suspect is but we know he was here illegally. add to that we're having gigantic conversation about building a wall, funding it or not in washington, d.c. the government is shut down for a seventh day. democrats are confident. they think president trump might cave when it comes to partial shutdown and funding the wall. you know him as well as anybody. where is this going? >> let me first say this is our 147th officer killed in the line of duty this year alone. that is tragedy. i wore the badge. i served my state as a police officer. this can never be tolerated let alone an officer who is killed by an illegal alien because we don't have control of our borders. this president is resolved in the fact that he is going to protect americans against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. we see those enemies coming across the southern border every day and killing our law enforcement officers like we saw just this beak. it is a terrible tragedy.
5:35 am
if this is what it takes to the close the government to make sure americans living in this country legally are protected then he is resolved in the fact he will keep this post closed until we protect our citizens because there is nothing more morn than that. pete: cory, i have no doubt the president has resolve. my question whether squishy republicans, democrats resisting, advisors or others making other political calculations get a little bit here, a little deal there, trump supporters voted to a wall. it is not there yet. the president has the resolve for it. is he, is there a compromise? what's the final result? what is acceptable in your mind? >> look the compromise is very simple. we secure the southern border and if the democrats won't give the president the money in the cr to open the government to do that, 5 a billion dollars that he is asking for, he has to find the money in other locations, whether the military budget or other budgets out there. look. we have a 4 trillion-dollar economy. you tell me we can't find
5:36 am
$5 billion? when barack obama found $3 billion for clash for clunkers program? it was taking cars off the road putting them in the trash bin to stimulate the economy? this is insanity. we have an american citizen dead because an illegal ail trend is dead and we're still discussing whether we should have a wall on the southern border? of course we should. president has to make sure the democrats in 2020 answer to this. griff: i pressed mick mulvaney on it and i will ask you, are you confident not the president but republicans will stand firm on the wall line? >> i'm not. i look at the last two years. i see failed leadership in congress. when they had the opportunity to pass the money for the wall and they didn't. you heard what mark meadows said. look, there are too many republican there is who do not care about the open border issue. testify never supported the president's stier to close the borders. so i don't have the confidence there but we have a leader in president trump who has forced
5:37 am
the republican congress to get things done, including the largest tax cut in our nation's history. it is only because of that that they were doing certain things. now he has to push them even harder. he does have to get the 60 votes in the senate. if chuck schumer doesn't want to do that, then chuck schumer shouldn't get money for people of new york he should be fighting for. rachel: another migrant caravan building and traveling, believed to be 15,000, bigger and stronger than the last one. what do you think about this? we have this caravan, the murder of a police officer in california, are all these issues maybe perhaps coming together to strengthen the president's hand in terms of making the case for border security? >> well i think they are and here's why. look the american people want to be safe and secure in their homes. we don't know how many illegal immigrants are in our country within four or five million. some people say it is 10 million. some people say it is 40 million. the fact we don't know, should
5:38 am
tell you all we need to know about closing the border. imagine for one second if a caravan was heading to any other country in the world what that response would be? can you imagine a caravan of immigrants trying to get into israel or any other country? it would never happen. the media in those countries would be dissuading. except here. mainstream media said we should welcome the people. they're good people. we don't know who they are. we accept million people a year as immigrants. we're the most generous nation in the world. but we have rules. everybody should follow them. griff: that last caravan when i was down there, we didn't know the exact number with you we know upwards 1000 or more crossed illegally because they were not going to get asylum. should this next caravan get to the border in tijuana or elsewhere, should the president simply shut the border down indefinitely? >> look, i think so. griff, you're reporting on the last caravan was very powerful. as you were interviewing individuals who had been accused crimes in their own countries,
5:39 am
you asked people, did you know the people were there if the answer was no. they're not seeking asylum for political reasons because if that was the case they could do that in mexico. they're coming here for economic asylum. the president needs to make sure before we let these people into our country we know who they are, what they want. if that means closing the southern border, that is what we do to protect american citizens. pete: corey, this is wall shutdown. people need to remember the stimulus rammed down the american taxpayer's throat by the obama administration was roughly $800 billion of stimulus, shovel-ready money that would stimulate the economy. we're talking about $5 billion. nancy pelosi has the audacity of being too expensives ineffective and immoral. this feels like a messaging winner. can this be the type of thing republicans run on and win on the president's leadership? >> i think issue of moment --
5:40 am
homeland security and national security is a winning issue. mick mulvaney is right, because nancy pelosi doesn't want to negotiate until she assumes the speakership. she doesn't have the votes and doesn't want to seem weak. they have to understand americans are dying. illegal immigrants don't commit anymore crimes per capita than americans living here already. that is too bad. tell that to the police officer and family and son who he will never see again because of illegal immigrant problem we have in this country. close the borders. protect americans. there is nothing more important than the president can do for our citizens. griff: corey, thank you very much for joining us. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you guys. pete: watching this one very closely. jillian, i know you're watching it as well. jillian: following a number of stories. surveillance video released showing a escaped prisoner
5:41 am
carjacking a woman. he walked away from a work crew outside of san quentin in california. he was serving five years for doing another attempted carjacking. he is the first inmate to escape in 18 years. you have to negotiate. in interview with nbc news, democrat illinois louis gutierrez, for my friends on the left, there is ran some required. pay it. it is the right thing to do we will never overcome the 60 votes in the senate. gutierrez wants his party to work with republicans to overhaul immigration and end the government shutdown. look at this. explosion at a power plant lights up the entire sky in new york city. equipment malfunction caused a transformer to blow up. flights were briefly grounded at laguardia airport due to power issues. no one was hurt. but the eerie blue glow sparked fears of an alien invasion.
5:42 am
>> it was freaky. like independence day, the movie, you look up and a weird blue color, you haven't seen lighting up the clouds in the sky. jillian: this is what he is referring to, comparing it to "independence day." maybe a little dramatic. you see, what is happening. rachel: pictures are eerie. pete: pretty legit. adam klotz, what do you have for us? more weather? >> raining and raining here on fox square. that hasn't stopped a really nice crowd getting out here today. we're used to folks from the united states and we have florida, carolinas, folks from san francisco. you know what we don't usually see? we have a group here, fox fans from ireland. i got to know, are you guys big fans? you watch fox news in ireland. >> we watch fox a lot in ireland.
5:43 am
>> probably turn the channel i'm doing weather, only doing a forecast for the states. can you give me a hand? help me with the forecast. hit this button when i tell you to. we're talking about a big storm in the upper midwest. hit the button. but for the rest of us, rain across the country. you're experiencing it right now. i think that snow eventually winds down, rain unfortunately back to us. rain will be here off and on. we're throwing it back inside. we're running low on time. bye, guys. pete: thank you, adam. the stork mark competent has been up, down, and up again. so where is it going today? griff: president trump is ready for the space force to blast off but will democrats ground it when they take over the house next week? nasa administrator jim bridenstine hopes not. he joins us now. ♪
5:44 am
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♪ pete: the trump administration announcing very futuristic plans for 2020, a space force that would serve as a sixth branch of the military. >> we need a new force. call it space force. space force. space, you know all about space force but space is a very big factor in the trump administration.
5:47 am
you will have the space force. rachel: all right, the proposal requires congressional approval. how will the new democrat-held house impact the space force and other crucial space policy in 2019? joining us now, jim cantrell, ceo of vector. happy new year. tell us what you think about the idea of having another branch of the military. >> i'm generally against it based on smaller government being better. it is not necessary, the idea of warfare into space is taken into account with the pentagon war planning. just recently the space command was reinstituted which would be a combatant command, would use the military forces in the case of -- rachel: so the air force could do all of this? >> it already does. rachel: already does. pete: interesting. the president's point of emphasis. the future of warfare is control of space, satellite, information, technology, sure straight lance. at vector you have been part of
5:48 am
that private space race. is america, isn't the president right to put an emphasis and focus on the fact if we don't win there, we could lose the next war? >> no i applaud the president for putting a focus on state. it is the next economy. it will be $2 trillion in about 10 years and frankly our military relies on space assets in such a way, if our adversaries attacked us it would cripple us. pete: absolutely. i know that part of future warfare. as guy on the group if my gps doesn't work or with a radio line of sight i'm stuck. >> that's right. we rely on the things for both our economy and military forces. who would have thunk 30 years ago, gps would be in the phones we carry in our pocket. rachel: your company lawnps small satellites into space. tell us about that quickly. >> vector, we formed three years ago. it was a bunch of spacex alumni.
5:49 am
we saw the market is small. migration from large satellites to small satellites. like large mainframe computers to small computers. pete: used by the government or used by companies? >> market center national, domestic, military, commercial. a various mixed bag of all the various markets. like pcs, they will become ubiquitous, small satellites. they will be replaced more often. pete: will there be a private citizen on the moon? >> i believe so it will be government programs. pete: interesting. jim cantrell, appreciate tour time. >> thank you. >> is your new year's resolution to diet and exercise more? well this trainer can help you keep that promise using fitness and faith. stick with us to find out how. pete: adam, keep going.
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♪ griff: welcome back to new year's round the corner and resolutioners are gearing up for diet goals for 2019. rachel: is there a foolproof way to make sure the healthy lifestyle lasts all year long? griff: our next guest says the recipe is physical and spiritual fulfillment. he lays out in the his new book, seven sundays. we have trainer alec. rachel: seven sundays, i thought on sunday is the day of rest. explain the concept behind this. >> seven sundays started with my journey how i came to it. when i was younger, my parents got divorced. then i was diagnosed with a disability a. because of that disability i was bully ad lot in school.
5:54 am
so i turned to exercise to overcompensate for this image. to make a long story short i basically victim of my past. it is one day it all changed. that was the day i found god. and because of that, my faith, i, i was blessed with a different perspective. and now exercise was no longer a tool to shape my body. it was now a tool to prep me for the day, get me ready to shape my mind, shape my emotions to connect with those around me on deeper level. seven sundays is a deeper process. rachel: much more holistic. >> he, yes. pete: we need help on all fronts. >> you guys ready for this? [laughter]. i love circuits. i love to have a circuit in my back pocket. do this a couple time as day, burning camries which we all love to do. what we start with is squats. pete: brought my orange weights and my orange tie.
5:55 am
steve: grab the cup -- dumbbells we'll start with shoulder presses. go all the way down to the shoulders. on normal circuit, do 10 reps. we'll do a couple. up, back down. look at that you guys are great. look at that form. griff: you like my mussels. >> i like your muscles they look good. we'll drop the dumbbells. everyone love as squat. >> you can do this pretty much everywhere, a hotel room. >> you could, you could, they're natural. keeping their hands out in front of them. rachel: it is form. >> great form. that way you put -- pete: i might split my pants. i think the last one, we should do a little push upcompetition. what do you think? ,.
5:56 am
griff: absolutely. >> definitely griff, griff wins the competition. pete: stay over there. don't come in. young guys and their push-ups. >> the key you have to go all the way down. rachel: should they be praying while they do this? >> no. one of the things i tell my clients. think about something in your life. something that you're struggling, pretend you're breaking through that. like you're being intentional when you work out. [all talking at once] >> thank you, guys. good. good job. keep it going. awesome. good job. ♪ rusted. number one awarded.
5:57 am
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♪ dance, dance, dance. >> pete: still working out. that's not true they did not work out in the commercial break at all. they just started it when
6:00 am
the camera came on. thanks for joining us on this friday edition. >> rachel: seven fridays fry sundays. >> pete: personal workout session. ♪ >> fox news alert. a manhunt underway for a suspected cop killer in california. police now saying the alleged gunman was in this country illegally. good morning, i'm rick leventhal live inside "america's newsroom." >> heather: i'm heather childers joining you again on friday. >> rick: a busy friday. >> heather: suspect his name has not been released accused of shooting and killing roneal singh. he pulled the suspect over early thursday morning in newman. 100 miles southeast of san francisco. the officer reporting shots fired over his radio just a few minutes after calling in the traffic stop. he leaves behind a wife and 5mond old son.


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